About Marc

Associate of Sotheby's International Realty | Malta

On May 05, 2017, the back then 30-year-old Marc, decided to leave his safe haven in Germany along with his family and three kids to undertake a journey to Malta.

It was the very first knock on the door eventually that got him a job at an iGaming Company, which was looking for a german speaking Customer Support Advisor at that time. After fasting five full days following his arrival exactly when walking up and down the coast in the heat wearing a fancy suit and chasing his dream, he finally accepted.

Doubtless, the whole process of paving the way for his family to follow wouldn't have been so comfortably without the support of his wonderful wife, Natalie. 

Long story short, even though he accomplished all of his goals, and he knew it had been the best decisions in his life, he wasn't feeling fulfilled. He wasn't the role model for his kids he intended to be. He realized he had been lost in his imagination. Various symptoms of fear suddenly arose, like, e.g. indecision, overcaution, procrastination. 

Only through constant never-ending improvement, he reminiscent himself what he came for and rooted back to reality. Eventually, he managed to conquer his self, to remove all his limitations, inspired by a straightforward thought of becoming an Associate at Sotheby's International Realty.

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